Sergey Malov

International soloist

“Marc Paquin is a unique violin maker. His violins have a great powerful sound, are easy to play from day 1 and look very appealing.

It was a great joy for me to inaugurate Marc’s new violin,  having the maker accompanying me playing the Schumann Concerto in Granada.“

Leticia Moreno

International soloist, Deutsche Grammophon artist


“Getting to know the work of Luthier and Violinist Marc Paquin has been one of the most enlightening experiences for me.

His instruments have all the ingredients that I could wish for in a violin: profound and powerful sound, clear and brilliant diction, and an infinite palette of colors.

On top of that, these instruments truly offer endless possibilities for the performer to express themselves with absolute freedom.

I feel fortunate to play on one of Marc Paquin’s violins.“

Jean-Jacques Kantorow

First prize at “Paganini” violin competition and First prize at the “Carl Flesch” international violin competition of London

“I’ve been amazed by the quality of the instruments, they have it all, beauty of workmanship, harmony and most of all, the most important for me, the quality of timbre, the harmonics and a large and powerful tone.

Those instruments can easily compete with the best ones of all categories, modern or antique.

I can very strongly recommend them to every violinist who is looking for an exceptional instrument, for chamber music or soloist concerts.

I will be very glad to play in concert on my Marc Paquin”

Tatiana Samouil

International soloist

Since many years I have combined playing on old great Italians violins and best contemporary violins, and I believe one should really be open and curious to see how the building of the instruments is evolving in our days.

The latest discovery was the brilliant work of Marc Paquin and I was happy to take his violin to my concerts in Russia this month.

The violin of Marc I’m playing at the moment (from 2021) has all the necessary qualities for a solo performance with orchestra in a big hall, it’s powerful, rich and easy to play!

I’m looking forward to see the evolution of the sound, which I expect to be tailored by my personal demands.

This is of course a pleasure and a beauty of playing a violin from the «birth» of the instrument – it feels like being a part of creation of the identity of the violin, and this is wonderful.
Congratulations Marc for his excellent work!

Sungsic Yang

First prize at the “Carl Flesch” international violin competition of London

“I’m delighted to have discovered and purchased your fiddle, it sounds absolutely fantastic! and looks so beautiful as well! Thanks a lot and congratulations for your top class craftsmanship!”

Simón Gollo

International soloist and violin teacher at the New Mexico State University

I own a Marc Paquin violin and I am constantly impressed by the quality of the tone, the variety of sounds, the definition, the projection and the beauty of the instrument.

This violin is a source of inspiration and artistic motivation. It is a pleasure to practice and to make music every day with this wonderful violin.

Since his first visit to Houston in November 2018, I fell in love with Marc Paquin’s work. I practice every day with enthusiasm and get compliments about my violin everywhere I perform.

Congratulations Marc, your instruments are magnificent!!!!

Merel Vercammen

International soloist


“I didn’t know new violins could sound this amazing! This 2020 baby has a truly great projection, articulation and colours. I feel no limits when playing this instrument. After four weeks of playing on this violin by Marc Paquin I even decided to record my new album with Dina Ivanova on it: The Boulanger Legacy.
Thank you for opening my eyes (ears) to a world of new possibilities, Marc!”

Boris Brovtsyn

International soloist and professeur at the “Musik und Kunst Privat universität“, Viena

“I have tried several violins by Marc Paquin and was absolutely blown away by the richness and the depth of their sound.

They are without any doubt the best modern violins I have ever played.

He is a luthier of the highest standard and I will be recommending his work to everyone who would listen.”

Haylie Ecker

International soloist

“Literally, I love Marc Paquin’s violin more than the Guadanini I was playing. It fits my playing like a glove! It’s a sweet BEAST!”

Erich Höbarth

1st violin “quatuor mosaïques” Concertmaster concentus musicus



“When I was in Granada I tried a violin of Marc Paquin, who is a very good violinist and excellent violin maker, a rare combination.

The instrument I tried has a beautiful, big sound in all registers and also looks very nice.

I can recommend him to all violinists».

Joseph Swensen

Internationally acclaimed
violinist and conductor

“I have recently played a violin made by Marc Paquin. It is a beautifully crafted instrument with a strong and elegant tone. I personally look forward to following his career and development as a violinmaker of the highest order”.

Sergej Novoselic

Leader 2nd violins Aargau
Symphony Orchestra Switzerland

“I knew Marc Paquin from the Aargau Symphony Orchestra we played together for several years. When I tried his first- then-made violin several years ago, the copy of an famous old italian master violin, I was immediately taken by surprise. For my ears, they both sounded same.

A few years later I am a proud owner of a violin he made in 2011. It is a careful-made beauty in every sense, a look and sound-system combination of two famous old Italian master violins. It has a beautiful clear round focused and «golden» sound. It doesn’t sound like a new violin, but like a very old and long-time played instrument. After a first positive shocking impression, I just let myself enjoy it without asking myself «how is this possible?». It was all there, everything I ever expected from a really good violin.

There must be a considerable advantage in discovering a violin-maker who is a great violinist as well – such a rear combination on earth. Therefore it’s no wonder that he approaches violin making not only from its esthetical aspect but also its practical point of view with a very clear enunciation and an easy and very enjoyable play.

Most of my colleagues from swiss orchestras, are taken by surprise as well. I’ll enjoy playing this violin probably till the end of my days. And, it’s true – once one starts playing it, one just can’t stop.

Thank you, Marc!”

Betina Pasteknik

Kammerorchester Basel
Les Arts Florissants Paris

“Pasé mucho tiempo probando intrumentos de todo rango de precio y de diferentes escuelas de luthería y nunca encontraba aquel instrumento que reunía todas mis exigencias. Cuando Marc puso uno de sus violines en mis manos, todo lo que yo buscaba estaba ahí.

Al tacto, su violín tiene una suliteza y calidez que me hacen sentir como si estuviera tocando un violín italiano del siglo XVIII y su sonido es muy dulce con una proyección excelente en las salas de conciertos.

Nunca creí que podría conseguir algo así en un instrumento moderno. Cada luthier cuando realiza un instrumento refleja su personalidad y su espíritu en ellos y el violín de Marc expresa la paz, la minuciosidad y el cariño que él tiene hacia la música”.

Orfilia Saiz Vega

Cello teacher Granada Conservatory
Cellist Trio Vega

“I had different cellos, the last one a beautiful italian, I’ve been always looking for the one with a truly «cello sound”, warm and powerful, easy to play in any situation. And just when I decided to give up searching, arrived Marc’s cello, amazing surprise!

It has a warm and full sound. Notes get connected between them in a natural and almost sensual way. It has a beautiful singing A string, noble and powerful basses and, on top of all this, it’s so easy to play. A real pleasure!”

José Ignacio Perbech

Cello solo assistant Granada Orchestra

“Realmente no estaba buscando un nuevo instrumento, pero fue la curiosidad la que me llevó a probar sin ninguna pretensión su segundo cello.

Y me fascinó la calidad de su timbre y el increíble color de su sonido, sin perder en ningún momento la proyección.

Así que dejé a mi querido Audinot un poco apartado para centrarme en mi nuevo compañero de viaje, mi Marc Paquin, y dejar que cante él por mí…”

Atsuko Neriishi

1st violin section Granada Orchestra

“The moment I tried Marc Paquin’s violin, my dream came true. I had been looking for a violin to use for my Baroque practice.

The combination of gut strings and Marc’s craftsmanship produce a violin that is both easy to play and that produces a rich, warm sound.

I look forward to sharing musical moments with my new violin”.

Patricia Pascual Godoy

Freelance violinist Málaga

“On top of being a very nice looking violin, it combines in an extraordinary way: power, clarity and warmness. It’s a very “lively” instrument, which gains everyday in depth and roundness”.

Piotr Wegner

1st violin section Granada Orchestra

“I am delighted! For a long time I was looking for a violin that would fulfill my expectations, and the instrument of Marc Paquin finally did. The sound is big, broad and velvety, the color of the sound is rather dark, reminding the sound of old Italian instruments… The response is clear and precise, and playing the violin is easy and comfortable.

The aesthetics of the instrument is beautiful, the finish just perfect. I finally give my most sincere congratulations to maestro Paquin for his exquisite work!”