Marc Paquin

“...a very good violinist and excellent violin maker, a rare combination. 

            ...The instrument I tried has a beautiful, big sound in all registers...”             

Erich Höbarth


“I have tried several violins by Marc Paquin and was absolutely blown away by the richness and the depth of their sound.

They are without any doubt the best modern violins I have ever played.”

             Boris Brovtsyn


“I’ve been amazed by the quality of the instruments, they have it all, beauty of workmanship, harmony and most of all, the most important for me, the quality of timbre, the harmonics and a large and powerful tone. I will be very glad to play my Marc Paquin in concert.”

        Jean-Jacques Kantorow

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“I'm delighted to have discovered and purchased your fiddle, it sounds absolutely fantastic! and looks so beautiful as well! Thanks a lot and congratulations for your top class craftsmanship!”

                                                                    Sungsic Yang

“Getting to know the work of Luthier and Violinist Marc Paquin has been one of the most enlightening experiences for me.

His instruments have all the ingredients that I could wish for in a violin: profound and powerful sound, clear and brilliant diction, and an infinite palette of colors.

On top of that, these instruments truly offer endless possibilities for the performer to express themselves with absolute freedom.

I feel fortunate to play on one of Marc Paquin’s violins.“

Leticia Moreno